This has always been a topic of interest for me.


Of course, we seem to be able to make a variety of choices to decide our fate.


On the other hand, where we are born; into which culture; and in which country; who are parents are (rich or poor); - and so many other things seem to determine our fate from birth.


If you are born in the slums of India; or to relatively rich parents in North America will certainly decide our level of education; who we meet and marry; our basic family and society values; the language we speak etc.


So the question becomes – how much Free Will do we really have?




Free will ...


 Thanks Fergus.

This free will conundrum has been around for a few thousands years or so.

We all seem to be stuck in some dead end, even if we've taken side on the issue.

Could it be that the concept needs refreshing or at the very least reworded somehow?

"Free will" needs elucidating because it is going to take up importance as our machines encroach into realms of creativity, intelect and spirituality that we've mostly seen in humans so far. Dilema are bound to come up once we can't clearly distinguish if an entity is conscious, alert, willing and especially, free-willing. Such entity could be you or it could be your usual computer & software, some mass of in-vitro neurons or some genetically enhanced animal. Or some network of such.

Even more dilema creep up going the other way, as these natural and artificial entities degrade down from their conscious, free willing phases, to lower levels, because of design or simple deteriorisations.

What then? Do we stick by the ancient concept, with its non-resolvability? Or cook up our own, for our times?