Boards and Governance

Director of the Montreal Irish Monument Park Foundation

I am both a founding member and a Director of the Montreal Irish Monument Park Foundation

Member of the Board - Quebec Anglo Heritage Network

About 2016 - I joined the Board of the Quebec Anglo Heritage Network (QAHN) and am currently, June 2020 still serving on this Board

Secretary of the Board - Alzheimer's Montreal

Since about 2015 and currently (June 2020), I am the Secretary of the Board of Directors for Alzheimer's Montreal

April 2018 Update: Now also Member of the Board of Directors - 2 other organizations

Now a Member of the Board of Two (2) other organizations since my last posting:-

Board of St. Patrick's Society of Montreal (SPS)

Only a member of the SPS Board for 2 years 2017-2018


(For additional information about the ICD - Click on the image above)


Canadian Board of Directors Group on Linkedin

          I also have a group set up on Linkedin that is specific for individuals that are Board members of public; private or not-for-profit operations.


Centaur Theatre

(After serving on ths Board for almost 20 years, I resigned in 2019 and was honoured for my long service at the Centaur Gala in 2019)


Société d histoire de Pointe Saint Charles





(After serving for about 2 years as Charman of this Board - I left the organization)

CESO & General Business Consulting

(Around 2014 - this organization made some structual changes and I left the organization)

For about 8 years, I have been providing volunteer general business consulting to young entrepreneurs - as part of the Canadian Executive Services Organization.


Chartered Director Designation


(For addional information about The Directors College - click on the image above)





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