CSP - Certified Security Professional


In 2008, I earned my designation as Certified Security Professional



This Professional Security Certification is issued by The Canadian Security Certification Authority (CSCA) under the terms issued by The Canadian Society for Industrial Security (CSIS). It requires a detailed background check of both experience and education in the Security Industry. Having met the standards, my certification was issued formally on June 4th 2008.

May 6th 2008 - Ottawa - Attended and completed a Seminar "First Response to Terrorist Activity" offered by CSIS and Paul Fennewald - Terrorism Expert & Instructor. Included a review of Terrorism; Explosives & IEDs; Bomb Threats; Suicide Bombers; Threats to Schools; Cyber Threats & WMD's...



I am a member of the Canadian Society of Industrial Security (CSIS Inc.) and current serve as

Québec Chair and member of the National Board of Directors