Related Security

Over the years I have taken a number of Security Management and related courses including:

Concordia University

Security Management

I completed two (2) years of Part Time study and successfully wrote the examination for a certificate in Security Management

Canadem & United Nations


Masters Level, UN Peacekeeping

In 2007 I completed the study and examination of all of the 18 individual Courses offered by the United Nations & Canadem in order to achieve the highest level of Masters as offered by Canadem

Examples of some of the courses included:

  • An Introduction to the UN System; Commanding United Nations Peacekeeping Operations Disarmament; Demobilization and Reintegration (DDR): Principles of Intervention and Management in Peacekeeping Operations; Global Terrorism;
    History of UN Peacekeeping 1945-1987& from1988-1996;
  • International Humanitarian Law; Operational Logistical Support;
  • Mine Action: International Conflict Resolution; Principles of Peace Support Operations; Security Measures for United Nations Peacekeepers; United Nations Police: Restoring Civil Order Following Hostilities etc.