The SAQ announcement of this closing of their location on Charlevoix & Centre Sts., in Point St. Charles, is a problem for a number of reasons…


The Point History Society, including myself, has been working with the Borough to develop a plan to revitalize Centre St. We did set up a historical walk along Centre. The SAQ is one of the few “brand name” operations on the street, and with many of the banks having closed over the last decade – this additional closure will basically hurt the street and the neighbourhood.


The problem does not seem to be that the SAQ is not making a profit at this locatio0n but claim the profit is not large enough. But as a semi-government controlled operation they do have a duty to the community – more than just the profit motive.


In addition, there have many new comers to the area who have purchased new condos and homes and this could only result in an increased market for this branch in the next years.


But, we still have a number of older residents and asking them to go to the Atwater Market which will be the next closest location, and not well served by public transport is rather unfair.


And, finally the local manager and staff are well respected in the Point and have always co-operated with the Theatre & the History Society etc., including allowing us to display some Point historical photos in the branch.


I am thinking of setting up an on-line petition asking the SAQ management to reconsider this decision