GISELE TURGEON BARRY - Passed away, yesterday, April 4th 2011

 It is with great sadness that I learned that Gisele Turgeon-Barry passed away yesterday, April 4th 2011, at the Verdun General Hospital - after a battle with cancer - that has lasted about a year, or more.


Gisele was likely better known among the French-speaking residents of the Point, but, as the current President of the Point St. Charles history, she cared deeply about the preservation of all of the history of our community. And, everyone owes her a debt or gratitude for her many efforts in protecting, and recording, the unique history of the neighbourhood.


And she was very inclusive –always being sure that publications; including the recent update of the History Society Web page reflected the overall nature and story of our community – English or French – as well as, Ukrainian; Polish and all other languages, and cultures, that have contributed to the history of The Point, over many decades.


Gisele was also the driving force behind the Joe Beef market, and worked endless hours, over the last three years, to make each market a little better than the year before. In the beginning, when the 1st Market was only a vague idea, it was certainly her gentle “force of will” that got the Borough to agree to allow us to use the Joe Beef Park for the first Market - and supply other municipal services.


It would be difficult to list all her efforts for The Point - so just let me say that - Gisele was a terrific lady, a great “Pointer” and that I will miss her very much…