Official Candidate - English Montreal School Board - District 3

After some consideration, I am planning to run for the position of Commissioner in the English Montreal School Board Electoral Division No. 3 and have completed the paperwork; and have been accepted as  an “authorized candidate”.


This division No. 3 covers basically all of the South West including Point St. Charles; all of Westmount; and a part of Ville-Marie as noted in the following….

“Includes the part of the City of Montreal which corresponds to the borough of Sud-Ouest.
Also includes the part of the City of Montreal which corresponds to the portion of the borough of Ville-Marie situated south-west of the following circuit: Starting from a point situated at the junction of Mont-Royal Avenue West and the limit of the borough, that borough limit up to the intersection of Sherbrooke street West and University Street, University Street and the Bonaventure Expressway (10).
Also includes the City of Westmount”

The EMSB Elections are scheduled for Sunday, November 2nd 2014 This is the first time in these School Board elections that you will vote for the Chairperson separately from voting for your local School Board Commissioner.


The difficulty with School Board elections (in addition to generally a very, very low turnout of voters) is to determine exactly who is on the list of voters eligible to vote in the English Montreal School Board elections. (For example, even if a child graduated from an English school they were likely defaulted to the French list). The best way to find out if you are on the English list is to call

1 888 353-2846 .


If you find that you are not on the English list, then there is a simply form to be completed to move you to the English list. I can provide you with the form, if needed.


So if you are in the EMSB Division 3 territory, I would really like your support. (If for example, you are in the West Island, then you are likely part of another School Board – but you can certainly ask your “Montreal friends” living in the Southwest; Westmount etc. to support me).

If you know people that you think would be interested in receiving this information, please do let me know and I will add them to my list; and/or also please feel free to forward a copy of this e-mail to anyone that might have an interest.


Thanks and Take Care



This statement is authorized by Fergus V. Keyes