EMSB Voter Card




You have likely received your “Election Voting Card” in the mail for the upcoming School Board Elections. (November 2nd 2014)


If you are on the “English” voting list, and in the territory of the English Montreal School Board, then at the top left of the card, it should say “English Montreal School Board” with the return address on Fielding. Toward the top left side, it should also list all the eligible voters at the address listed. And on the bottom right, it should indicate your address.


On the back of the card it lists the Advanced Polling Station, on October 26th, as well as the Polling Station for the general election date (November 2nd 2014).


For example, in District 3, where I am running, all the cards should show the advance polling station as Westmount High; and the hours open from noon until 8pm. And then, for example, the area around Point St. Charles, the main polling station for November 2nd, should be St. Gabriel’s School with the hours on the main date from 10am until 8pm.


If you received a card that indicates the French school Board and the polling station as a local French school, then you are likely not on the English list. There is also a third type of card that says something like “Your are hereby notified that no one is entered on the school electoral list at this address.


(Of course, it you have just very recently changed your language designation, you may have also received the wrong card).

So, if you received the card that shows the English Montreal School Board at the top left, and all eligible voters at your address are included, then you are “good to go” and can vote at either the advanced poll; or the regular poll.


However if you received the French voter card; or no one at this address card, then you have likely defaulted to the French list, and should change your designation by completing the form at:



If you do have to complete this change form to move you to the English list, it must be received at the EMSB office no later than October 14th 2014.


Happy Thanksgiving,