Another Update - EMSB Elections

Just another quick update….


You should have received an election card in the mail. And if you are eligible to vote in the English School Board Elections, the top left of the card should indicate English Montreal School Board, it should also show your address and the names of all the eligible voters at that address. (After today (October 14th) you will no longer be able to change your name from the French list; to the English list).



Volunteers & Donations


I now have two volunteers to act as my representative on Election Day at the Polls. It looks like I will likely need two more. So if you are able to volunteer on that day, please do let me know. I should have more details about what is involved after I meet with the Election Officials next week.


Thank you for the donations for this campaign, that some of you have sent recently. I am not comfortable asking for donations, but unfortunately, the Election Finance Laws do not allow me to completely finance my own campaign, with my own money. To complicate matters further, only individuals on the EMSB list can contribute; and only to a maximum of $ 300.00. So if you are able and willing to make a contribution to this effort, please send a check (donations must be by check) to Fergus Keyes; 523 rue Charon, Montreal H3K 2P4.and note somewhere on your check that this is a EMSB donation – receipts are issued… – Thanks.


I will probably only send out a few more e-mails about this effort as it now moves to trying to be sure that as many people as possible, that are eligible actually get out and vote.


Thanks again,