Did you Receive your latest Voter Reminder Card?

Did you receive your latest Voter Reminder Card?

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If you are eligible to vote in the English Montreal School Board Election, you should have received another reminder card in the mail. (They only mailed out these cards late in the week, so perhaps your form will only arrive in the mail on Monday).


At any rate, this is a two page form. The first page highlights your polling station; and where to vote.

The 2nd page lists, at the top of the page, the candidates for Chairperson (Mancini or Lagace-Dowson) and below these Chair Candidates, it lists the Commissioner Candidates.


If you are in Ward 3, it will include my photo and a short biography.


If you do not receive these forms in the next few days, then it is likely that you are not on the list for the English School Board Elections. You should be eligible to vote if:-


  1. You voted in the last EMSB elections in November 2007 even if you no longer have a child in the English School Board system
  1. If you are the parent of a child currently registered in the EMSB, you should automatically be on the list
  1. If you completed the “Change Form” to move your name from the French list to the English list and submitted to the EMSB on, or before, October 14th 2014, you should be on the list.

The major difficulty appears to be that in all of the above-mentioned categories of eligible voters, a number of names have been left off the English List.

If this is your case, then there seems to be only one option and that is to call the Director General of Elections in Quebec City at 1-888-Election and file a formal complaint that you have been denied your right to vote.

It is my understanding that the Director General of Elections does have the power to issue an order that anyone that shows up to vote, with proper identification, be allowed to vote. In my mind, this is the only thing that makes sense.

These votes could be held aside and only considered if the vote in a given ward is very close; or when the Election Office cleans up this mess of voter eligibility.


Tomorrow, Sunday, October 26th from noon until 8pm is the date and time of the advanced polls. In my Ward or District 3, this advanced poll takes place at Westmount High for all voters in Ward 3.