REM Video

A Terrific REM Video.

Although we are not pleased that the REM organization agreed with the Mayor’s silly suggestion to add Bernard Landry’s name to the Girffintown station – that is a fight for another day.

Overall, we will always really appreciate the tremendous effort that REM made to respect Irish Montreal when excavating for a pillar for the new light transit rail system. Their planning, actual work, and co-operation with our community was definitely beyond reproach. And as most of you are aware, they did discover the remains of 14 victims of the 6000 Irish that died and were buried in the area in 1847.

A few months ago, the Montreal Irish Monument Park Foundation joined with REM as they made a terrific video record of their efforts around the Black Rock.

The release of this video was delayed like so much else as a result of the Virus scare but now, since August is Archeology Month, it has been released.

(This video starts in French but when Victor Boyle and myself join in about half way, we are speaking in English. If you would like to add the subtitles to this video, you will have to click on the little “settings button” and then click on subtitles)

Please do take an opportunity to view it either on Facebook or on Youtube at the following links: