REM Video

A Terrific REM Video.

Although we are not pleased that the REM organization agreed with the Mayor’s silly suggestion to add Bernard Landry’s name to the Girffintown station – that is a fight for another day.

Call me "Lord"

Just for the fun of it, I recently purchased a plot of land of 1' X 1' in Scotland, so that I can now be addressed as:

Lord Fergus V. Keyes


Lord Fergus V Keyes (3)_0_0_0.jpeg

Director of the Montreal Irish Monument Park Foundation

I am both a founding member and a Director of the Montreal Irish Monument Park Foundation

AOH Annual Walk to the Stone

May 31st 2020


Some Photos

city hall.jpg

June 2020 - Joined the Board of the CIT-CAN Foundation

I have recently joined the Board of Directors of the CIT-CAN Foundation

Member of the Board - Quebec Anglo Heritage Network

About 2016 - I joined the Board of the Quebec Anglo Heritage Network (QAHN) and am currently, June 2020 still serving on this Board

Thank you Jeff Legault

For a number of months, this site could not be updated but thanks to Jeff Legault, and a major update, I can now add content. 

Thank you, Jeff

Secretary of the Board - Alzheimer's Montreal

Since about 2015 and currently (June 2020), I am the Secretary of the Board of Directors for Alzheimer's Montreal

April 2018 Update: Now also Member of the Board of Directors - 2 other organizations

Now a Member of the Board of Two (2) other organizations since my last posting:-

Board of St. Patrick's Society of Montreal (SPS)

Only a member of the SPS Board for 2 years 2017-2018


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